Political Journalist of the Year

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The winner will be the reporter who politicians had to read in 2017. Judges will look for evidence of agenda-setting journalism from brilliantly connected writers with exceptional knowledge of the political scene.

Entries can be made for work published in print, website, online, mobile, video, audio or any other news delivery format in any UK national newspaper or any news website or platform covering UK national news during 2017. 

Shortlist for 2017

Harry Cole

The Sun
Bickering pair blamed for Tory sickener  Bickering pair blamed for Tory sickener
Sun Man watches terror unfold  Sun Man watches terror unfold
The Louses of Parliament  The Louses of Parliament

Kate McCann

The Daily Telegraph
Revealed: Corbyn's manifesto to take Britain back...  Revealed: Corbyn's manifesto to take Britain back...
Labour MPs ditch Corbyn manifesto  Labour MPs ditch Corbyn manifesto
Labour's secret plan to increase migration  Labour's secret plan to increase migration

Tom McTague

How Theresa May lost it  How Theresa May lost it
UK will not pay lump sum Brexit bill...  UK will not pay lump sum Brexit bill...
The Brawler  The Brawler

Nigel Nelson

Sunday Mirror
Pro-Life Tory profits from abortion pills  Pro-Life Tory profits from abortion pills
£10bn Raid on Miners Penions   £10bn Raid on Miners Penions
My girl the terrorist   My girl the terrorist

Tim Shipman

The Sunday Times
Chancellor says public sector is 'overpaid'  Chancellor says public sector is 'overpaid'
Nos 10 and 11 in budget war  Nos 10 and 11 in budget war
Queen 'misled' by broken May  Queen 'misled' by broken May

Simon Walters

The Mail on Sunday
Israeli plot to 'take down' Tory minister  Israeli plot to 'take down' Tory minister
Minister sent his PA to buy sex toys  Minister sent his PA to buy sex toys
Boris and Gove plot to hijack Number 10  Boris and Gove plot to hijack Number 10


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