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Entries will be judged on outstanding design, content, use of photography and readability of a supplement that is published weekly, monthly or at other regular intervals throughout the year. Judges will pay particular attention to the different styles and slices of the market digital platforms targeted. It is about who did it best for the readers they seek to serve.  Submissions should include supporting analytics where appropriate to show how entries engaged readers including references to social media and percentages of total hits.

Shortlist for 2017

FT Weekend Magazine

Financial Times
Magazine issue 18 - Blackpool feature  Magazine issue 18 - Blackpool feature
FT Magazine April 1  FT Magazine April 1

Observer Food Monthly

The Observer


The Sunday Times


The Sunday Times
Culture  Culture
Culture  Culture

The Sunday Times Magazine

The Sunday Times
Broken Airways  Broken Airways
I had PTSD after working with Harvey Weinstein   I had PTSD after working with Harvey Weinstein

The Times Magazine

The Times
I was close to breaking  I was close to breaking
How to play the president (bigly)  How to play the president (bigly)


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