Scoop of the Year

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The story or series of stories on one subject, which everyone else wished they had broken. This can be awarded to an individual or a team. Entrants may submit up to three scoops for consideration but each PDF should be limited to an individual exclusive and its continuation (if applicable). Entrants must provide a submission including how they can demonstrate they were first with the story or stories or how they moved them on substantially.

Shortlist for 2017

Gary O’Shea and Patrick Gysin

The Sun on Sunday
Ant in Drug Rehab  Ant in Drug Rehab

Harry Cole and Tom Newton Dunn

The Sun
Be Afraid Be Very Afraid  Be Afraid Be Very Afraid
Cold Hands  Cold Hands
Fallon - I touched radio host's knee  Fallon - I touched radio host's knee

Alexi Mostrous

The Times
Facebook publishing porn  Facebook publishing porn

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times
No 10 covered up ...  No 10 covered up ...

Tom Harper, Jon Ungoed-Thomas, Richard Kerbaj

The Sunday Times
We found porn ...  We found porn ...

Bryony Gordon

The Daily Telegraph
Harry's watershed ...  Harry's watershed ...
Prince Harry ...  Prince Harry ...


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