The Press Awards

Established in 1962, The Press Awards has been produced by several organisations over the years, including The People, The Press Gazette, and the Society of Editors. The awards are currently produced by Haymarket Media Group. 

The awards currently have 26 categories, with 20 judges evaluating nominations. The Regional Press Awards has 33 judges assessing work in 19 categories. 

The British Journalism Awards

Hosted annually by The Press Gazette, a part of the New Statesman Media Group; the British Journalism Awards celebrate the achievements of journalists from national and local news organisations throughout the UK. 

75 independent judges review the nominated entries based on their relevance, impactfulness, journalistic skill, and ability to serve the public interest. 

Student Publication Association National Awards

Open to students that are members of the Student Publication Association or any member publications in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, the Student Publication Association National Awards has 24 categories. Entry is free. 

Paul Foot Award

Set up in 2005 by The Guardian and Private Eye to honour the memory of the investigative journalist Paul Foot who died in 2004, The Paul Foot Award is currently produced by Private Eye. 

In 2022, the award went to Hannah Al-Othman and David Collins from The Sunday Times for their article on the murder of Agnes Wanjiru.

Komla Dumor Award

The Komla Dumor Award was set up by the BBC in 2015. The award is for journalists living and working in Africa, focusing on African stories. The prize is three-month training with the BBC. 

Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism

Although it has not been awarded since 2017, The Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism hopes to return in the future. The prize commemorates journalist Martha Gellhorn who travelled across the United States in the 1930s reporting on the Depression. 

The award celebrates journalists that challenge the status quo. Previous winners include Julian Assange and Ian Cobain. 

Amnesty International UK Media Awards

Launched in 1992, The Amnesty International UK Media Awards recognises excellence in human rights journalism. The 11 categories celebrate the determination and courage of writers that push important human rights stories. 

The Nations and Regions, Student, and Photojournalism categories are free to enter; for all other categories, there is a £150 entry fee. 

Scottish Press Awards

The Scottish Press Awards are an annual ceremony open to journalists and photographers producing work for Scottish publications. Hosted by the Scottish Newspaper Society, the awards are split into 33 categories. The entry fee is £21.60. 

Orwell Prize

Every year, The Orwell Foundation offers four awards in the following categories; Political Writing, Political Fiction,  Journalism, and Exposing Britain’s Social Evils. An esteemed panel judges the politically independent awards. Entry is free; however, publishers are encouraged to contribute toward the running of the awards. 

2022’s journalism winner was George Monbiot; previous award recipients include Carole Cadwalladr, Paul Foot, Brian Sewell, and Andrew Norfolk. The award has been running since 1994. Winners receive £3,000 in prize money.